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Re: How to get security updates, but not other packages?

J. Grant wrote:
> [Please include my email address in any replies]
> >You want "apt-get upgrade".  (Or "aptitude upgrade".)
> Great! I need 500MB of packages, going to leave it running over night :)

Hmm...  500MB sounds like a lot for just security upgrades.  However I
have been keeping current all along and so may not have a good idea of
the entire set size.  But I am worried that you are really running
Woody and this upgrade is the amount of data while you are now
pointing to Sarge.

I would verify that you are really at Sarge already and that these
really are only security updates.  As things download you can tell if
they are coming from sarge/updates or not.  If you pick a package in
particular that it wants to upgrade and check you can tell where it
wants to upgrade it from and what is where.

  apt-cache policy packagename

It is somewhat concerning to me that there is such a large amount of
upgrade.  I fear you are doing a woody to sarge upgrade without
realizing it.  A good thing to do none the less.  But not without
knowing and actively thinking you want to do the upgrade.  This is why
many advocate to never say "stable" in the sources.list file but to
always say explicitly "woody", "sarge", "etch", etcetera.


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