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Re: How to get security updates, but not other packages?

J. Grant wrote:
> [Please include my email address in any replies]
> Presently using debian sarge, I would like to update my system with only
> security fixes which have been made available since Sarge was released.
> Now sure how to do this.

You want "apt-get upgrade".  (Or "aptitude upgrade".)

> would "apt-get upgrade" also update non-security fixed packages?

Sarge is released as Debian Stable.  The stable release does not
change.  It is stable. (Debian unstable changes.)  Therefore you will
not get any other changes unless you have other listing in your
sources.list file.

Periodically Debian releases critical updates to the stable release
which are can include upgrades not specifically security updates but
mostly upgrades the released stable image with the currently active
set of security upgrades.  Here is the last one for the oldstable
woody release


These are very conservative changes with a very restrictive set of
criteria for inclusion and I think you as a conservative would also
want those upgrades.  If you include the debian sarge depot in your
sources.list then you will also get those when they are made.


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