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Re: [Secure-testing-team] Re: announcing the beginning of security support for testing

Hi Marty,

On Monday, 12 Sep 2005, you wrote:
> Could a list of md5sums be provided for this archive, like the file
> /debian/indices/md5sums.gz in the main (debian) archive?  With the help
> of a simple script, this file allows me to check the package integrity in my
> mirror of the main debian archive.  I am hoping that this method can be used
> for other archives as well, as an alternative to the currently recommended
> checking method.
i added the md5sums file. It should be indices/md5sums.gz with the next
run of dinstall.

> Compounding this problem is the fact that rsync to the (primary) 
> secure-testing
> archive is disallowed using the -c (checksumming) option, understandably so.
> rsync with checksumming has been my workaround with my local 
> debian-security archive.

Allowing -c option for rsync adds WAYS TOO MUCH load to the server, so
please accept that we will not enable that on the server.


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