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Re: How to get security updates, but not other packages?

On Sun, Sep 11, 2005 at 08:11:33PM +0200, oneman wrote:
> On 11-sep-2005, at 18:29, J. Grant wrote:
> >[Please include my email address in any replies]

I don't see it anywhere in this message - *sigh*. I'll have to find the
original post...
> I use aptitude. I simply run aptitude, hit 'u' for upgrade select the  
> section upgradable packages, hit '+' to select all the packages for  
> upgrades and 2x 'G'. When aptitude confronts you with questions, use  
> common sense. That's it.

Security updates are carried under the header 'Security updates' rather
than 'Upgradable packages'. If you have a non-sarge entry in your
sources.list, then non-desirable stuff might creep into upgradable

Jon Dowland

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