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Re: Editing Gnome menus in gnome 2.10

Am Montag, 12. September 2005 03:54 schrieb Bill Wohler:
> Rats, it's happened again. An upgrade clobbered my custom Gnome menus
> and there's no visible way to add them back in. Nautilus no longer has a
> location bar where you can enter applications:///.
> Searching the list shows that editing menus has gone away in gnome 2.10.
> When is this ability expected to be resurrected?
> That same message indicated that menu items can be added to
> ~/.local/share/applications. I managed to recreate some menu items by
> following the examples in /usr/share/applications, but I couldn't figure
> out how to create sub-menus. Any HOWTOs there?

The current Ubuntu release ("hoary") is shipping with Gnome 2.10, and this 
question has become kind of a FAQ in the ubuntu community. There's a howto at

The ubuntu wiki and web forums contain a lot of good information relevant to 
Gnome 2.10 on a debian-like platform, might be worth a look for further 



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