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Re: Linux over Network to Windows

David R. Litwin wrote:

> Alright, let's try some thing. The Toshiba A70 laptop has a
>     * V.92 56K Data/Fax Modem
>     * 10/100 integrated Ethernet LAN,
>     * Built-in Atheros Wireless LAN (802.11ag)
> How do I connect this wirelessly to the router I will have?

Depends on how well the Atheros is supported in Linux. Run "lspci" to
see the hardware list generated by the kernel. The chipset of the
Atheros is what we're interested in. Then you can google for that
chipset (or for the Toshiba A70) to see how well it's supported in Linux.

I've not worked with wireless much, so can't really give you any good
pointers. Basically you need a kernel that recognizes your wireless
circuitry.  Sometimes the Debian kernels recognize hardware; sometimes
you have to compile your own; sometimes it just ain't gonna work.

> As I mentioned, it has all three capabilities: Wireless, Ehternet and
> Modem. What drivers will I need so that they work nicely? Will this
> also mean that I need to make myself a kernel?

It all depends on your hardware (all three devices) and how well they're

> My apologies. I meant to ask what is a wireless access point. I simply
> abbreviated it, as you had.

In this context, it's your wireless router.

> Is there a web-site et cetera where I can check this?

I googled earlier and found that the printer works fine with Linux, but
the site I found (and have since forgotten about) doesn't specify if
it's a real printer or not. If it's "real", it can plug into a print
server/WAP/router; if not, you'll have to plug it into a computer that
serves as the server, such as your W2K server. I didn't bother googling
enough to find that out.

>     But other than that, and the risk of having a Windows box on the
>     internet 24x7 (you might want to get a router with a firewall),
>     and the
>     electricity cost, no, there's not any real reason to turn off the
>     central computer. Turning off the monitor should be sufficient in most
>     situations (YMMV).
> Good. I have a firewall in windows. So, all should be well.

Firewall in Windows.
Mmm. Okay.

> It seems that the only un-resolved question is how I will set up the
> "network". Given what I have given, is there sufficient information?
> If not, what else can I give?

"lspci" would probably be a good start, to see what the chipset is on
your ethernet and wireless devices.


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