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Re: Linux over Network to Windows

I'm rather embarrassed to say this, but, I didn't understand a thing of the E-Mails sent in response.

Perhaps I did not give an accurate picture of what I need, for this is a multi-part question.

I have a (we shall call it) main computer, printer, modem (well, that doesn't really matter: It is connected to an Ethernet card) and (eventually) a Router that will provide a wire-less signal. This machine runs Windows 2000 Pro. What I want to do is set up a network betwixt the two computers. This will enable me to have internet access from my laptop, have access to the Printer and have access to files located on both the Windows and Debian partitions of the central machine. Further, since the central machine will normally be running windows, my laptop (which will usually be using Debian) must be able to communicate with Windows.

I have no idea how to do this. How does one set up a network? How will I be able to have an internet connection? How can I access the files and the printer?

I got the vague impression that there are numerous answers to this situation, possibly including some sort of debian-standard samba.

Since I know so little, it may just the the best course of action to give me a few nice howtos to that I can ask more detailed questions after I gain a good ground.

Sorry for the vagueness and I do apologise if I've insulted any one: Know that I do not mean to.

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