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Re: slow dns lookup

On Sun, 2005-09-11 at 02:08 -0400, Matt Price wrote:
> gaash, latest in a barrage or problems related to movingm y computer
> from work to home.
> at work, this computer was exposed directly to the internet; for DNS it
> used the university dns servers
> Now it sits at home, and uses the cheap wireless router as the primary
> DNS.  DNS is MADDENINGLY slow, much much slower than it used to be at
> work and also much slower than it is on the other machines on my network
> (both running debian).  Ther esolv.conf files on all 3 machines are the
> same.  So where should I look to try to figure out what the problem is??

It might be a problem with your ISP's DNS servers. My ISP has really
crappy DNS. I use other DNS servers because my ISP doesnt resolve some
hostnames, and is sometimes just _really_ slow to respond.

try a dig on a given hostname using your ISP DNS, then using some other
server. If the first one is slow and the second isnt. That's probably

$ time dig @ns1.isp.com  www.zettazebra.com
$ time dig @ns1.foobar.com  www.zettazebra.com


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