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Re: DELL Inspiron 6000 Disk Detection Wierdness

jim biri wrote:

OK - will do. However, once I know what driver to install - how do I tell Sarge to try to install that driver during the installation process?

To be honest, I've never had to do this on Debian, but I've had to make other changes during install - at some point when Sarge was still "Testing" the installer tried to add ftp apt sources before setting up network, and hung as a result. Basically what I did was press Alt+F2/F3/ect until I get a working console, do what I need to, and then switch back to the installer.

Another poster mentioned using the 2.4 kernel - you might have to do that and then roll your own 2.6 kernel (you might have to fix your fstab because the device names will probably change).


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