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DELL Inspiron 6000 Disk Detection Wierdness

Wonder if anyone can help. I've got a new DELL Inspiron 6000 that I'd like to install SARGE 3.1 on.
SARGE installer can't detect the h/d. Partitioner during install says "nothing partitionable" or words to that effect.
UBUNTU 5.04 can and detects it as: "SCSI1 (0,0,0) (sda) - ATA HTS726060M9AT00"
I'd rather install SARGE than UBUNTU - anyone know how I can tell SARGE installer to detect the h/d?
Bit more info:
-  HTS726060M9AT00 [Hard drive] (60.01 GB) -- drive 0, s/n
-  Intel(R) 82801FBM Ultra ATA Storage Controllers - 2653
Can anyone help?
Thanks, Jim.

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