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Re: applying kernel patch to more recent kernel version?

Matt Price wrote:
> Hi there,
> I am trying to patch the current 2.6.11-1-k7 kernel (2.6.11-7) with the
> kerenel-patch-suspend2 package.  When I run
> make-kpkg --added-patches suspend2 --config menuconfig
> --append-to-version -suspend2 configure kernel_image modules_image
> I get the following error message:
> E: no applicable suspend2 patch found for this kernel. With a recent
> E: kernel, this usually means that I have not yet found the time to
> E: verify the patch against your revision of the Debian kernel. Feel
> E: free to inform me whether the patch still applies. If you are
> E: trying to patch an older kernel, you are likely out of luck. Please
> E: use a recent kernel instead.
> so I'm just wondering, where in the suspend2 patch files do I find the
> parameter that controls which kernel versions are permitted to be
> patched?  I am happy to attempt the patch, but since I'm not familiar
> with the low-level patch tools I'd rather stay within the make-kpkg
> framework.
> THanks much!
> matt
just to answer my own question; I did this:

dpkg -L kernel-patch-suspend2 | xargs grep -i "no applicable suspend2\
patch found for this kernel"

which gave me the relevant lines, which were swiftly modified.  It was
in the main patch file, which could be found in various places, mosti

presumably one could try to use the patch on 2.6.12 as well, now that
it's out.


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