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applying kernel patch to more recent kernel version?

Hi there,
I am trying to patch the current 2.6.11-1-k7 kernel (2.6.11-7) with the
kerenel-patch-suspend2 package.  When I run

make-kpkg --added-patches suspend2 --config menuconfig
--append-to-version -suspend2 configure kernel_image modules_image

I get the following error message:

E: no applicable suspend2 patch found for this kernel. With a recent
E: kernel, this usually means that I have not yet found the time to
E: verify the patch against your revision of the Debian kernel. Feel
E: free to inform me whether the patch still applies. If you are
E: trying to patch an older kernel, you are likely out of luck. Please
E: use a recent kernel instead.

so I'm just wondering, where in the suspend2 patch files do I find the
parameter that controls which kernel versions are permitted to be
patched?  I am happy to attempt the patch, but since I'm not familiar
with the low-level patch tools I'd rather stay within the make-kpkg

THanks much!

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