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Re: getting XEN running in a computer installed with Debian Sarge

On Saturday 10 September 2005 15:13, Mark Farnell <mark.farnell@gmail.com>
(<[🔎] aaf549e05091014135a434891@mail.gmail.com>) wrote:

> I have a computer already installed with Debian Sarge. I wish to
> - install XEN kernel into the computer

Have you read the "Xen User Manual"?


> - get a XEN-patched Debian kernel so that it can be run in XEN

In Sid, there are three packages which look interesting, 'kernel-patch-xen',
'xen' and 'xen-docs'.

> - boot into the XEN kernel
> - then run XEN-enabled Debian Sarge or other Linux systems


> What should I do to meet the above objectives?

1)  Read the documentation from the U Cambridge web stie.
2)  Search Google.
3a) Subscribe to the Xen user's mailing list; or
3b) Go to gmane.org, read the instructions for accessing their NNTP server,
    and then subscribe to gmane.comp.emulators.xen.user.
4)  Experiment.
5)  Report your methods and results here so the rest of us may be

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