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Re: PCI modem suggestions

Nuke wrote:

Hans du Plooy said :-
If* you manage to track them [internal modems] down, the ones that still exsist cost aboutas much as an external serial modem, so why not just get one of those?

This reaction is fairly typical when internal modems are mentioned in the Linux world, and, sorry, I don't understand it.

No, the typical reaction is: "windmodems are crap, buy an external modem."

Which is not what I said, and which is half a truth any way. External USB modems are often no more than the usual winmodem in a shell.

Some winmodems do work very well in linux. The Lucent modem in my notebook hasn't given me any problems and performance is good. Conexant HSF modems work very well too. But the OP said he doesn't want to bother with installing drivers, so these are not options.

What I said was that proper hardware PCI modems are not so easy to come by (damn near impossible where I live), and proper external modems can be had for about the same price, so why bother?


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