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Re: PCI modem suggestions

I use a Multitech MT5634ZPX-PCI.  It is not a WinModem - it is quality kit 
with an on board controller, which is what an internal modem needs for 

Hans du Plooy said :-

>If* you manage to track them [internal modems] down, the ones that still 
>exsist cost aboutas much as an external serial modem, so why not just get 
>one of those?

This reaction is fairly typical when internal modems are mentioned in the 
Linux world, and, sorry, I don't understand it.  

I remember when hard drives first came out for home computers like my Amstrad 
8256.  They were external boxes sitting on the desk next to the system unit, 
with their own power supply in yet another box, which needed a separate mains 
supply.  Wires and boxes all over the desk.  Who would dream of an external 
hard drive today?  That's why there are bays and expansion slots in your 
system unit - to add devices such as drives and modems in a tidy and 
self-contained manner.  So why are external modems still made?  Surely not 
just for the Linux user base?

You think I use an internal to save cost?  The Multitech above cost about 110 
GB Pounds - I could have got a decent external one for about 40.  Don't ask 
me why the cost difference, but I would guess it's just marketing.  What I 
want is to avoid another rats nest of wires, boxes, and mains leads - I have 
enough of those on/under/around my desk already.


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