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Re: Exchange replacement

Roberto C. Sanchez wrote:
> On Fri, Sep 09, 2005 at 12:56:32PM +0100, antgel wrote:
>>Hans du Plooy wrote:
>>>I've given up on trying to get a decent free OSS replacement for
>>>Exchange - it's simply not worth the time and effort for the avarage SME.
>>>What I am looking for is something that can do shared calendering and
>>>contacts, that Outlook can plug into - without a plugin.  If I can get
>>>that, I can actually drop exchange, give the guys imap or pop with pst
>>>files sitting on the server.  And use postfix - that would be the
>>>happiest day of my life...
>>Take a look at sync4j.  We (www.wayforth.co.uk) are currently working on
>>the sync4j groupdav connector, which is pretty exciting.  However, it
>>does include an Outlook connector afaik.
>>NB It's not in debian, and requires tomcat (also not in Debian).
> Tomcat is in Debian.  What is not in Debian the required JRE/JDK.
> $ apt-cache policy tomcat4
> tomcat4:
>   Installed: (none)
>   Candidate: 4.1.31-3

I should have been more specific.  Tomcat 5 (which sync4j requires) is
not in Debian.  However, the .tar.gz is fine.  I untarred it in /opt,
and it runs perfectly well out of the box (assuming the JDK is set up).

> Also, OpenGroupware.org is a possible candidate.

No it isn't as it requires the (commercial) ZideLook plugin to run with
Outlook, and the OP doesn't want Outlook plugins.

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