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KDE uses sound but xmms won't.

Yes, when KDE starts up we hear its theme music.

But once KDE is up, there's no sound aby more.  Instead we get a dialogue
telling us to check that our audio system is configured properly.

Now we have a multiboot system -- one same Debian sarge partition, but
two kernels.  The problem occurs only with the 2.6.8-2-386 kernel.
No problem at all when we boot the identical system from 2.6.7-1-386

I wouldn't have expected a kernel change to have this kind of effect.

hendrik@lovesong:~$ ls /boot
boot.0200           debianlilo.bmp          sid.bmp
boot.0300           grub                    System.map-2.6.7-1-386
coffee.bmp          initrd.img-2.6.7-1-386  System.map-2.6.8-2-386
config-2.6.7-1-386  initrd.img-2.6.8-2-386  vmlinuz-2.6.7-1-386
config-2.6.8-2-386  map                     vmlinuz-2.6.8-2-386
debian.bmp          sarge.bmp

I wonder why there's a sid.bmp file there?  It is *not* a sid system.

It boots using lilo, by the way, althought grub is installed.

-- hendrik

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