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Re: Thomson SpeedTouch ADSL Modem

The model of the refered modem is the grey Thomson Speedtouch USB ADSL
Modem 330, which  i haven't described previously.

I want it to work with the default debian sarge install. There's a
package which provides the necessary module but then I have to
download and then load the necessary firmware, which  I did.  The
problem is that i can't seem to get a network interface to connect to
it. I have a set of scripts i have to put in  /etc/ppp/peers and then
call the connection by issuing  pon adsl or pppd call adsl.

I heard some other interfaces have to be configured instead of ppp0,
interfaces like nas0 or tap0.

What's the difference between calling ppp0 or the mentioned interfaces ?
I'm running around google to set the connection  and I have a few
tutorials to configure the connections in other linux distro's like
fedora, SuSE or RedHat, but not debian, which happens to bem my

Another thing: What's the difference between PPPoverATM and PPPoverETH
( pppoatm, pppoe) ? And what's the standard for Portugal, or both of
them can be used ?

Best regards to you all, TIA for your concern,

On 9/8/05, Américo Rocha <aurocha@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> Anyone knows of good tutorial to configure the above modem so it can
> work in a fresh installed debian sarge system ?
> Regards,
> Viva,
> Alguem sabe de um bom tutorial para configurar o modem acima indicado
> em debian sarge acabadinho de instalar ?
> Cumptos
> --
> _________________
> aurocha@gmail.com
> américo rocha

américo rocha

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