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Re: network diagnostics

On Thursday 08 September 2005 00:12, Cam wrote:
> Hi,
> I recently switched ISP's (was using Qwest DSL, now i'm using M$N through
> Qwest (my dad did it!)), anyway, ever since the upgrade i am unable to do
> just about everything except for browse the net/ftp. By that i mean... no
> MSN, Jabber, Yahoo!, IRC, Bittorrent, various media-streaming, etc. The
> funny thing is that it all works from my familiy's windoze box. I tried
> watching the output of tcpdump -i eth0, but everything looked pretty
> normal (although i'm admittedly unfamiliar w/ those kinds of tools).
> Anyway, i'd like to get to the bottom of why none of my linux boxes are
> able to use those services, while the windows boxes still can. This
> wasn't a problem before the ISP switch. The new DSL modem they gave us
> though is doing the routing/dhcp/etc. Any tips?
> Thanks,
> Cameron Matheson

I'd suggest using tcptraceroute to see where the connection attempts die.  
Use the specific port number that matches the service you're trying to 
connect to.

If that doesn't help, post some relevant output diagnostics, such as 
ifconfig from your Linux box and ipconfig from your Windows box, traceroute 
results from both, etc.

Justin Guerin

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