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Re: X.Org Hits Testing OT: debian-laptop.org back on track

> Jason Clinton wrote:
>>Well its finally happened, and I'm so happy that it has. As of now, most
>> of
>>mirrors have X.Org packages in their testing/etch repository. Before I
>>perform the upgrade, I'm starting this thread to catch any and all
>> problems
>>that might arrise. Please let us know if you have any trouble with the
>>upgrade by replying here.
>>*crosses fingers and runs 'aptitude upgrade'*
> Am I looking in the wrong place?
> http://packages.debian.org/cgi-bin/search_packages.pl?exact=0&searchon=names&version=all&case=insensitive&release=all&keywords=xorg&arch=any
> apt-get says it's lists are up to date, apt-cache search xorg returns
> nothing.
> Cheers, Oliver
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I am using etch and I checked 3 different mirrors. None of them have xorg.

I don't think it has been moved out of sid yet.

OT: debian-laptop.org back on track
Debian-laptop.org is back on track, I just aquired some free stable
hosting space and I am starting to build the sites directory and
databases. Sorry about the delay because of the hosting mess up. It should
be up by a week from friday.


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