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Re: Hardware RAID advices needed

On 2005-09-07T23:39:57+0200, Kjetil Kjernsmo wrote:
> Now, what I was thinking: If I buy a four channel RAID card now, and two 
> S-ATA disks (which is what I want), set them up in RAID 1, can I add a 
> third disk later, and convert this system seamlessly to RAID 5 without 
> a reinstall? 

Some controllors claim to support online raid conversion.  Make sure you
check product literature and that you have a backup of the data prior to
doing so.

> Every Linux geek I know says "no, I don't think so", but I think my old 
> sysadmin did that routinely on Tru64 years ago... If a disk blew up, 
> he'd just throw it away and replace it, no worries. 

If you have redundancy (raid 1 or 5 for instance), then yes you can lose
a disk and yet have your data survive.  All bets are probably off during

> Finally, would you buy disks from the same or different manufacturers? I 
> would guess that similar disks are easier on the controller, but OTOH 
> if there is a flaw in one, it is likely to be in the other too.... 

I would refer to the manufacturer for the raid controller, they may
require identical disks in raid 1 for optimal performance (certainly you
waste space if they are not exact same size).  The better ones certify
specific disks with controllers, and I imagine there is good reasons for


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