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Re: Help!

Olle Eriksson wrote:
 > That depends on the nature of the task. In most cases I believe you can
> have a default behaviour which satisfies most newbies but still provide a 
> lot of options and control for the experienced users. Unless we want to 
> make Linux/GNU software so difficult to use that newbies or people who 
> are not willing to read through pages of documentation are "filtered" 
> out.

    This is no different than Windows right now.  The common fallacy that
people make in this often repeated discussion is that they are comparing
apples to oranges.

    "OMG, clueless newb installed Debian on his machine and didn't know what
to do!  *PREINSTALLED* Windows *THAT THEY GREW UP WITH* is easier for them!
The problem's with Debian!"

    Stars and caps for emphasis.  Exactly how many of those people do you
think have ever installed an OS onto a bare disc?  I'm betting over 99% of 'em
didn't install Windows.  Throw a bare Windows disc at the same person and
watch the fun ensue.

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