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xorg slowdown?

hi folks,

a few days ago I semi-accidentally installed xorg on my laptop, a
PII-300 with 192 megs of ram. (If I recall correctly, openoffice.org2
pulled in some dependencies and then I installed the rest of the xorg
packages to give me a more fully functioning system). 

Everything works fine, except that xorg seems to render at an absolute
snail's pace.  CPU usage gets up to about 80% while it redraws the
screen several times over a period of maybe 10-15 seconds, making normal
text-entry work very difficult.  Admittedly, I'm doing much of this in
openoffice 2, which is a heavy, slow, clunky program -- but I didn't
have these problems on earlier versions of OOo, and I notice that even
xterms take much longer to appear on the screen than they used to
(sometimes on the order of 10-15 seconds, which is a LOOOONG time hwen
you just want to check how much pattery power you have left at the
command line). 

I'm wondering whether other people have experienced similar problems,
whether there are ways to diagnose and cure the issues leading to this
excessive CPU use, and also whether it's feasible to switch back to
xfree86-4.3 -- is there e.g. a suggested downgrade path? 

anyway it'd be great to have my computer working more like... a
computer! again. 



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