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2 NIC card questions

I currently am running a Debian Stable server with two NIC cards. Only one NIC card is configured and providing the machine Internet access.

The two NICs are:

1 RealTek (forget model number) - 10 MB/S
1 Network Everywhere (tulip) 10/100 MB/S

Now I was thinking of possibly using my machine as a nice Linux Firewall.

Now my Internet is only 20KB/s Down and 20KB/S UP so my question is if this is the proper way to setup a Linux firewall/gateway/server.

I figured the best way would be to hook up the cable modem to the Realtek card and hook up my router to the 10/100 so everything on the Network remains 10/100. I figured since the Internet can't even go 1MB/s, the Realtek card could easily handle the Internet, also this way I don't have to waste the card/get rid of it and get a new one.

This will also free up one port on my router so if for some reason I ever need an extra port for a computer say I am gonna try to fix or something.

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