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Re: Can't recover sound

On 9/6/05, Victor Munoz <vmunoz@macul.ciencias.uchile.cl> wrote:
> Sometimes I can't hear any sound (xmms, mplayer, play), getting things like
> 'Device or resource busy'. This happened in woody, now in sarge, sometimes
> in sid, and everytime it happens, I do a Google search to try to find a
> solution smarter than rebooting, but never find an answer, so I have to
> reboot.

Don't know if this helps, but I find that if I've used a java applet
in Firefox that uses sound, it never releases the sound device.  The
solution for that has been to quit Firefox and re-start it.  That also
tends to bring about a speed improvement, since FF's java garbage
collection seems to be pretty poor.

Michael A. Marsh

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