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Re: Desperation with Hylafax and AVM Fritz ISDN Card PCI on a debian system

On Tue, Sep 06, 2005 at 04:17:17PM +0200, Andreas Moser wrote:
> Hello Almut,
> after changing the rights for the capi20 device, there was no
> difference in the delivery of the facsimile.
> Any other ideas?

Not really ;) -- well, ok, next thing I would try is to manually call
c2faxsend from the commandline.  This should help to narrow down on
which step is failing.  Try something like:

  c2faxsend -vL -C /path/to/config.faxCAPI -d DestNumber -f TIFF test.tif

(it's probably a good idea to use the example TIFF file "fritz_pic.tif"
that comes with the original package
because that's guaranteed to be the correct format...)

What seems a little weird is that you don't get any messages in the
syslog about dialing out to the FAX destination number etc., in between
"CMD START /usr/local/bin/c2faxsend ..." and "CMD DONE: exit status 0".
Also, I wouldn't expect a return status of 0 (normally means OK), when
things apparently are going wrong...

Well, before we try to form any hypotheses about why that is, it might
help to know whether manually faxing out with the above command works,
in principle.  See what you get in /var/spool/hylafax/log/capi4hylafax.


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