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Re: icewm window titles

Larry Fletcher wrote:
In article <[🔎] dffmhu$k6$1@sea.gmane.org> you wrote:

Larry Fletcher wrote:

I just upgraded to debian sarge which uses icewm 1.2.20+21pre1-3.

The problem I'm having with icewm is the window titles switch
when the initial application calls another application.

For instance, when mutt loads the editor mcedit the title of
the window is changed to 'mc - host:/path' and it doesn't change
back to the original title.  I use MC a lot and now I can no longer
tell which applications are in use by looking at the toolbar.

Is there anyway to keep the original title of the window?

If not, is there a similar window manager that works better?


The title of the xterm is set by the application which run in the xterm; the window manager just obey to the program; so the problem is with mcedit and not with icewm.

That makes sense.

This settings is set by sending control codes to the terminal. The put the title to "Hello world!"; proceed as foffow:
echo -ne "\033]0;Hello world\007"

I don't understand what you are saying or how to fix the problem?


I don't thing that there are any solution (other than to patch the source of mcedit). You might submit a bug to the maintainer of mcedit.


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