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Re: using the 'find' program

On 9/5/05, Kevin Coyner <kevin@rustybear.com> wrote:
> I've been using linux for quite a while but am still perplexed by
> the proper usage of the 'find' program.  I always end up using
> locate instead.  Anyway, I need it now so I re-read the man and
> tried the following:
>     cd /tmp
>     touch testfile
>     find . -iname testfile -print
> and I get nothing.

You don't, by any chance, have "find" aliased, do you?  You might also
try "hash -t find" to see where it's picking it up, in case you've
accidentally created a script that messes with the arguments.

The "-print" option is only needed if some other option, such as "-ls"
or "-exec", alters the default printing behavior.

Michael A. Marsh

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