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Re: Can't login when using kdm (KDE)

rs wrote:
> > What errors are logged to the .xsession-errors file when you can't log
> > into the machine? There should be something interesting in there.
> True, when login fails, it does create the .xsession-errors file.
> # cat ~/.xsession-errors
> Xsession: X session started for luser at Sun Sep  4 19:59:37 EDT 2005
> That's it. Just one line, not much to go on.

I expected to see more than that.  On a machine of mine I see this

  Xsession: X session started for rwp at Mon Jun 27 13:18:44 MDT 2005
  startkde: Starting up...

If you are not seeing the starting up message from startkde then I
would start debugging there.  It is a shell script.  The starting up
message is about half way down.  So it should be possible to trace it
and to see where it goes bad for you.


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