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Re: Is NTFS file system (Win2k) stable and usable with debian sarge?

J. Grant wrote:

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I'm dual booting with win2k, I have a small FAT32 partition, which I
mount and transfer files via.  It is ok, but limited to 2GB per file
max.  I understand that NTFS allows me to transfer bigger files.

Is NTFS support at a level where it is usable and stable for me to copy
files etc?  I don't want to corrupt the partition each time I write
something to it etc..

I just recently did away with my FAT32 "transfer" partition. Your system should be able to READ the NTFS filesystem fine. That allows you to pull files over, and then just delete them the next time you boot to windows. Supposedly deleting files is safe too (but not modifying or writing files), but that's only if you want to mount the NTFS partition in read-write mode, and it's safer not to. I think the way it works, is it marks the files somehow on the NTFS partition, and then Windows deletes them the next time it gets booted. (Maybe it runs chkdsk and gets rid of them?)

For the other direction there is explore2fs which works about the same way. It gives you a somewhat "ftp-like" interface to download files from your ext2/ext3 file system into windows. It doesn't allow you to delete or modify the ext2/ext3 partition. Then the next time you boot Linux you can remove those files if you want.



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