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Re: hp dl360 and smart array 6i

Eric Persson <eric@persson.tm> writes:

> Hi,
> Have anyone successfully installed debian on a hp dl360 with the smart
> array 6i controller. It seems like the smart array 5 is supported but
> not the 6 and I havent found any success stories either.

At work we have a single DL360G4 and a bunch of DL380G4's with the 6i
controller (and a lot of DL360G3's and DL380G3's with the 5i) , all run
Debian without any problems.

> Can anyone give me any hints on installing debian on this one?

I haven't installed any of them myself, but as far as I've understood
our PXE+TFTP+NFS-boot system which was setup for the G3's just worked
for the G4's. 


Henrik Christian Grove

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