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Re: Can't login when using kdm (KDE)

rs wrote:

>Debian / Sarge / main
>Just installed KDE. It works but, for some reason, I can't login when using kdm. When kdm login window appears, I enter my local user id and password, the screen flickers a couple of times and goes back to the login window where I can enter Id and password again.
>If I quit kdm by selecting console login from the menu, then login as myself (a regular local user) from the regular console, I can start KDE with "startx". KDE starts and works fine.
>Any ideas? Thanks
>$ cat ~/.xinitrc
>exec /usr/bin/startkde
Double-check that the pull-down menu that allows you to select which
window manager/environent you want is set to KDE; it sounds like it's
trying to start a wm/environment that doesn't exist.


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