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RE: Windows Server to Debian migration

> > Interesting.  I am getting ready to setup a network (20 
> workstations + 
> > 2
> > servers) for my church and was going to use OpenLDAP.  I would be 
> > interested in some alternate suggestions.
> NIS+ :)
> I am not sure about alternatives. I am determined to use 
> postgresql the next time I set up something like this. 
> pam_pgsql and nss_pgsql both exist and work fine, in my 
> testing. And I find that SQL provides a hell of a lot more 
> flexibility than LDAP.
> But no, I can't make a real suggestion here...
> maybe OpenLDAP works for you...

What about simply creating linux users and groups.  I intend to have each
user get a home dir and allow them to host a personal webpage (which I
understand is quite easy with apache).  Therefore wouldn't having them as
linux users make sense?  If I did do this, what do I do to authenticate
users on the other file servers in my network that currently use winbind to
authenticate.  I don't really want to have to create users multiple times.


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