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Re: different From: addresses with mutt, etc.

paslist@ultrasw.com <paslist@ultrasw.com> wrote:
| For some reason (maybe a lock of some kind) Thunderbird is not 
| running on my system so I have taken this opportunity to get
| more familiar with mutt, exim and fetchmail.
| I seem to have gotten most important things to work.  One thing I 
| miss that I need is a quick way to set the From: field since I 
| have three different email addresses that I send messages from.
See the manual about send-hook and reply-hook

reply-hook '~t myfirst.ad' my_hdr 'From: xxxxxxx
<xxxxx@yyyy.zz>; set signature="sh ~/bin/msig_xxx|"'

send-hook '~t
'my_hdr From: myname <myname@xxx.yy>;\
set signature="sh ~/bin/msig_ccc|"'

| With Thunderbird the From: address was set automatically 
| correctly depending which folder I was in.  Using Esc-F still 
| requires that I type the complete address.
| Another important feature that I haven't found yet is a good way 
| to filter messages automatically.  It looks like the 'mailbox' is
| part of the answer.

fetchmail, procmail, postfix, mailfilter, amavis, clamav, etc..

Small things make base men proud.
		-- William Shakespeare, "Henry VI"

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