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automate printing of html-formatted pages?

Ho folks,

My partner needs to print out copies of all the content in her
mid-sized, statically-generated website (I know this is a stupid idea,
but it's for her tenure file and there are lots and lots of stupid
elements in this process).  This seems like something one ought to be
able to do automatically, e.g. with:

wget -m -k http://some.website.com/

and then:

#! /bin/bash
find /path/to/top/level -type f -iname *.html | while read file; do
html2ps -gn $file > "$file".ps ;
find /path/to/top/level -type f -iname *.html | while read psfile; do
lpr $psfile

unfortunately, this doesn't work very well -- among other things, html2ps does some very strange things with the layout of the pages, apparently trying to cram all the text even in very long pages into a single 8.5x11 sheet of paper -- I've posted an example at http://www.racesci.org/test.ps (the original html file is at http://www.racesci.org/bibliographies/current_scholarship/sigerist.html ).

Presumably this has something to do with the rendering bug mentioned in the html2ps man page:

      Rendering HTML tables well is a  non-trivial  task.
       For  "real" tables, that is representation of tabu-
       lar data, html2ps usually generates reasonably good
       output.  When  tables are used for layout purposes,
       the result varies from good  to  useless.  This  is
       because  a table cell is never broken across pages.
       So if a table contains a cell with a  lot  of  con-
       tent,  the  entire table may have to be scaled down
       in size in order to make this cell fit on a  single
       page.  Sometimes this may even result in unreadable

OK, I can see this is difficult to do. But is there another command-line solution to my problem?

Thanks as always for your suggestions.


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