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Gaim and multiple ICQ accounts

Hi all,  I'm running Debian Sid.  A weird thing happened the other day
after an update.  I have accounts with all the different IM protocols,
msn, yim, aim, gmail, icq, and have been running gaim just fine.  I have
3 different ICQ accounts on there an have not had a problem.  Had the
same running under Kopete for a while and itøs fine.  But the other day
after an update, Gaim is trying to add all the contacts under each of
the ICQ accounts to the other 2 accounts.  In other words sent out
requests to all contacts trying to add them to the other account so that
all 3 have the same contacts.

Iøv cancelecd the requests, Iøve deleted contacts, but the next time I
log on it does the same.

anyone know how to stop this and keep the 3 ICQ accounts seperate?

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