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Re: Apache2 & MySQL

> Yeah I have everything installed that I need -- Did PHP4-MySQL get enabled
> automatically for you, or did you have to add the module manually to
> 'apache2.dconf' ? What syntax does the apache2.conf file use for this module ?

In addition, I don't think you even have to tell apache2 about mysql. 
There's no direct relationship/interface between apach2 and mysql,
it's inferred from both their relationships with php4.

libapache2-mod-php4 tells apache2 about php4 and how to "talk" to it. 
php4-mysql tells php4 about mysql and how to "talk" to it.  I don't
think apache2 even needs to know about mysql, php4 takes care of it
all.  Although I could be wrong?


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