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Apache2 & MySQL

I'm familiar with how Apache 1.3.x is to be setup, but confess I don't
understand Apache 2 well.

I'm doing a new Sarge installation (offsite) on a box which won't be on the
Internet. I installed Apache 2 and PHP 4. PHP is working fine, however in
checking my configuration via phpinfo(); I notice that PHP-MySQL isn't enabled.
I have installed anything related to MySQL and PHP4 found via 'aptitude search'.

I have searched the archives via Google, I'm not finding anything on how to
enable MySQL for Apache 2 specifically. Shouldn't this be set up automatically
when the relevant modules are installed via aptitude ?

Suggestions ?

Steve <http://sweetpig.dyndns.org:1000/>
Thursday Sep 01 2005 08:05:01 AM EDT
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