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Re: Is there a Debian 3.1 AMD64 iso?

On Tue, Aug 30, 2005 at 03:06:18PM +0200, Robert Cates wrote:
> I would like to install and use Debian 3.1 AMD64, but I can't seem to find
> an iso to download.  Can somebody please tell me where I can get the install
> iso files?  Or is it the same as the ia64?

Just go to cdimage.debian.org and click the FAQ link then hit the FAQ
entry on "Where are the images for AMD64, Hurd or other architectures?"
and you will get a link to:

IA64 is itanium, which is the intel/HP somewhat HPPA like design that is
nothing like x86.  amd64 is AMD's 64bit extension of x86 and is hence
very much like x86 just improved a bit in features.

IA32 is i386/x86 (intel invention)
IA64 is itanium (intel invention)
X86_64/AMD64 is x86 with 64bit extensions (AMD invention)

Len Sorensen

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