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Re: Tips and Tricks for Dial-Up Internet Access?

I also use usrobotics external modem. When I installed
sarge, I simply filled out the pppconfig wizard and
that was basically it. 
After that you can type 'pon' in the terminal to
connect and 'poff' to disconnect from the internet. If
you run kde you can use its graphic Internet
connection software simply by entering your internet
provider's phone number, and your username and
password into the dialog box. Gnome too has a
graphical connection program but I forgot its name. 
J. Mak

> I will soon be moving into a house in the rural
> country. Nice place
> except no ADSL or cable Internet services. Until I
> can get a wireless link
> going, I will be forced to use dial-up Internet
> access. Residents in the
> area report speeds of 26,000 bps are the norm.
> I will be using a 3COM/US Robotics external Courier
> modem (model #
> 3CP3453) connected to a serial port to hopefully get
> a reliable link.
> Can anyone share some tips, tricks, or favorite
> applications to increase
> the useability of a dial-up Internet connection?
> My Internet needs are very simple: email, web
> cerfing, and keeping my Debian 
> stable system up to date.
> -- 
> Darrell Bellerive
> Amateur Radio Stations VA7TO and VE7CLA
> Grand Forks, British Columbia, Canada
> -- 
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