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lame server


I'm seeing loads of these types of message from Bind

Aug 29 13:40:35 sever named[7713]: lame server resolving 
'' (in ''?):
Aug 29 13:40:53 server named[7713]: lame server resolving 
'' (in '63.195.81.in-addr.arpa'?):
Aug 29 13:44:33 server named[7713]: unexpected RCODE (REFUSED) resolving 

by loads I mean 10 to 20 a minute for about an hour. They come in groups with 
an IP address being repeated 4 or 5 times then another one is tried. I am at 
a loss to figure out what is doing so many reverse look ups. Can someone help 
me find out what it is?

Perhaps it's nothing but I'm interested to know. I'm running testing and the 
Bind server is only a local caching DNS with all external ports firewalled 
off. There are only two machines on the network so there shouldn't be that 
much traffic.



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