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Re: Diablo II in Wine for multiple users

Hendrik Boom wrote:

My oldest son is running Diablo II and World of Warcraft
on Wine on sarge.

But my youngest son wants to play too.

So my oldest son had a permissions question.  How should
he set permissions on everything involved so that they
can use the same copy of these programs?  (Not simultaneously
of course).  The trouble seems to be that these programs
maintin history and save files and such, presumably created
with the user ID of the first user to create them, in directories
that are owned by someone, and are thereafter unavailable
for writing later...  And he doesn't really know where
these games store all these data either.  And he doesn't want
his little brother to accidentally clobber his own saved games
and such.

If only all this stuff would be kept in ~/.diabloii or some such,
but that doesn't seem to be the way the games were written.

-- hendrik

All D2 savegames are stored in $D2DIR/save. If this is properly backed up upon each use then there shouldn't be any problems. Look around in any hidden directories that belong to wine for the Windows tree. The game should be in "$WINROOT/Program Files/Diablo II". You could probably move the Windows tree into /usr/local/games, using setgid and some simple scripts to manage the savegames. Finally, if the savegames in question are on the multiplayer service (Battle.net), then they are stored on that service protected by a username and password. Each son could have his own account.

Michael Spang

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