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RE: Re: windows xserver client

One that you don't have to install to hard drive to use.




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"Brent Clark" <bclark@eccotours.dyndns.org> wrote in message 
> Hi
> Would anyone know of a good  and / or it using a windows xserver
> I googled and I came across this site.
> http://x.cygwin.com/

Ok let me explain this one:
cygwin is a complete (nearly) Posix environment in windows. If install
and run it you come to a bash promp where most familar utilitiesare 
avilable. If you install X you can use the x server. I use it on my
box to run GNU emacs. (I could use NT Emacs, but the cygwin Emacs works 
correctly,for just about everything, whereas those parts that depend on 
external utities often do not work right on NTEmacs.)

If you use cygwin's ssh with x tunneling you can get to your desktop of
debian system on your windows box. 

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