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Re: Newbie: How do I defrag my drive?

On 8/23/05, Tim Ruehsen <tim.ruehsen@gmx.de> wrote:
> > You don't need to.  You only need to defragment your disk if your
> > operating system is incapable of keeping the fragmentation under
> > control, and Linux does not suffer from this problem.
> Many people say so, but it is not true.
> Ext2 takes some precautions to reduce fragmentation a bit (in comparison with
> (V)FAT), but ext2 can't prevent it. And it is not a feature of 'Linux' it is
> a feature of the filesystem.
> Jiann-Ming Su posted a link, which talks about two possibilities to defragment
> your discs: either use defrag (but make a backup before!) or just make a
> backup, clean your partitions and restore the backup.
> I did the last thing (after using my system for ~2 years for ~10 hours a day,
> making updates every day) and my system booted about 30% faster. Now, after a
> year or so, it seems to be time to do it again (booting became slower and
> slower).

Does it affect the every day operation of the filesystem, apart from booting ??

I have notice tha know fact that less than 5-10% of free space on HD
affects system operation, but simply deleting unneded files up to more
than 10% of free space makes my system go to normal operation.

I have never done a backup, but I dont usually keep a computer for
more than 2-3 years. A hard disk failure, or related thing keep me
from keeping instalations for more than that.


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