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Re: xserver-xorg: - Matrox G550 Dualhead woes!

On Monday 22 August 2005 17.37, TreeBoy wrote:


> Sorry - it's a long time since I played with one in dual-head mode.

Thanks for the pointers - but there were no real differencies in the 
xorg.conf/XF86Config-4 files provided there.

All I found were entries in RedHat's and freedesktop.org's bugzillas about 
this issue, and neither had a solution.  freedesktop.org's bugzilla 
suggested that it might be fixed in CVS HEAD, so I'm betting my money on 
the X Strike Force and am waiting on the next X upload (or the one after.)

-- vbi

Durch Tadel wird man öfter mehr vorsichtig und klug als besser.
		-- Jean Paul

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