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Re: Re: Disk dont work with linux ?!

> When you make the partition are you telling it to mount as root?
Yes of cours, some times  debian-installer start to copy files to hdd, but during installation broke copy process with error code 1. 
On Alt+F3 consol same things appear, what I described in the first mail  .

> Also, if the hard drive has bad sectors it is possible to experience this
> problem.  Windows 98 FAT file system is much less robust, and in some ways
> more forgiving then the ext3 file system.  You might try performing a low
> level format (wipe) of the hard drive.  wipe.exe is a free but effective
> program that will do this.  It is a DOS program, but you can probably find
> it on the internet.
I read abuot low level format, that it can be dangerous and destroy the whole disc (the hardware, not informations on the disc). 
Have you any experiens?

> Otherwise, have you considered other hardware aspects?  The cpu or power
> supply fan may be going out causing those components to overheat.  It
> wouldn't be the first time that a bad fan caused strange, not readily
> apparently related problems.

Thx Attila

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