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Re: DVD+R writing problems

csj wrote (Thursday 18 August 2005 1:46 pm):
> On 17. August 2005 at 11:55AM +1000,
> > I may well do that, but isn't it weird that the same drive can
> > burn to those same discs fine in Windows but not Debian?
> Not at all. Most free software available for GNU/Linux is
> reverse-engineered.

That may (or may not) be true, but I was under the impression that CD writing 
protocols were pretty standard. Is that not the case?

Just so you know, I'm a bit hesitant to go and buy another set of discs since 
I know the ones I have do work, just not in Debian. I'll probably use these 
up by creating an image then burning it in Windows until I run out of discs 
before I get a new set to try. That's the fault of my silly initial 
assumption that they would've standardised this shit by now.

> > Yes, it makes no difference at all.
> In my case, speed=1 helps. Allowing the drive to determine the
> burn speed results in discs which are partly unreadable in
> non-writer units. But then I don't have a dual-layer drive. I
> must have missed something. But do the failurs occur with
> dual-layer, single-layer or both types of DVD blanks?

growisofs doesn't seem to give a crap what I tell it. speed=1 and it reports 
"/dev/hdc: "Current Write Speed" is 6.1x1385KBps." anyway.

I have no idea what it would be like on a dual layer disc, I only have access 
to single layer discs.


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