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Re: problem with setting openoffice to A4...

On Tue, 16 Aug 2005 20:42:01 +0200 using the keyboard as a tool Bruno crafted
these words:

    |- Hello!
    |- trying to get rid of this annoying US-Letter problem... if i could
    |- the whole system of any occurence of that paper type i would....
    |- this is getting very annoying...
    |- there's no way to get openoffice to print on A4 paper....
    |- i went through messages on the net, tryed first
    |- SAL_DISABLE_CUPS=1 openoffice
    |- openoffice still wants to use letter....
    |- modifyed /etc/openoffice/psprint.conf
    |- now starting openoffice the printer settings starts with A4, but no
    |- what so ever... as soon as i try to print, it reverts back to
    |- is there any solution in sight???
    |- should i file a bug report for this??
    |- -- 
    |- ciao bboett
    |- ==============================================================
    |- bboett@adlp.org
    |- http://inforezo.u-strasbg.fr/~bboett
    |- ===============================================================
    |- -- 
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I am not certain that this is a good workaround but one that I use. Creating a
template with all the attributes I require, A4 paper in the main, and then
through the templates dialogue make this the default.

Then that is what will be used throughout.

I have not made the explanation more detailed assuming that you know of what i
speak, if not i will go into more detail.


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