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Re: Firefox and Debian Testing: Getting Security Updates?

En/La a.list.address@gmail.com ha escrit, a 17/08/05 08:01:
> I'm a happy user of Testing, but I'm a bit concerned about getting
> updates to Firefox in a timely manner.  The current version in Testing
> is 1.0.4-2, which has recently-announced vulnerabilities in it.  The
> vulns (I don't like typing that word :) have been fixed in the version
> in Sarge, 1.0.4-2sarge1.  They've been fixed in Unstable as well, in
> 1.0.6-2.
Another way to go is to not wait for debian packages. I go directly to
the firefox, thunderbird, openoffice, etc. and download the latest
releases. I'm running Firefox 1.0.6 on testing (2.6.8-2) with zero
problems. Same for TB 1.0.6 and OO 1.9.122. I can't recall every having
a problem with firefox running this way. Download the tarball from the
FF site, extract the files to a folder (usually called
firefox-installer) and then copy the folder to its permanent home (I
stick it in /opt). Rename the previous folder (if you have one)
firefox.old, then rename firefox-installer, firefox and that's all there
is to it.

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