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SiI 3112A + Seagate HDs = still no go?

Hi all,

I just recently took the plunge and bought 4 250 GB Seagate drives and a 2 port Silicon Image 3112A controller card for the 2 drives my motherboard doesn't handle. No matter how hard I try, I can't get the hard drives to work: they are detected correctly and work reasonably well under _very_ light load, but anything like building a RAID array is a bit much and the whole controller seems to lock up.

I can't remember the exact kernel messages, and I've unplugged the drives for now, but they were exactly like those in the following posts:

All of these people seemed to be having trouble a good while ago, and other than the blacklist fix (which I have tried...) there seem to be no solutions to the problem at all. I can't seem to find any PCI controller cards not based on the SiI chipset (even the expensive ones) to replace my current card, either.

Needless to say the drives on my internal VIA controller work like a charm.

Has anyone run unto this problem? Any fixes?

Many thanks,

Chris Boot

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